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Hi all. Feeling really down today. I have been feeling depre


Hi all. Feeling really down today. I have been feeling depressed to begin with and I just got in a fight with my husband. I just feel trapped. Especially, finacially. I always try to take responsiblity for my actions. He will take none. I think he thinks he can treat me bad because he knows I have no money. I get tired of him thinking that he's always right becuase of my bipolar. I will admit when I am wrong. The beautiful thing about facts is that they don't care about feelings. Little rant, I suppose. Hope all is well with you guys.

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Apr 19

@Stationary_Transient Thank you. I am working to make myself better one day at a time. Sometimes, hanging in there is taking 1 hour at a time.

Apr 20

youll do it you just have to do one thing at a time. Just take it easy and if you have too, make a list of things in the order you have to get them done and mark off each thing you do. Keep in in your pocket near you.

Apr 25

@Tesla96 It's a shame that getting disability can be so hard for people who truly need it, then people like my neighbor can just figure out the system and get it so she can stay home and drink alcohol all day while getting $3000 a month from her father and live a life of luxury. (Sorry but I'm bitter about that, true story) I understand about the fur babies, if it wasn't for my cat there are many days I'd have no reason to smile at all. Glad to hear they bring in some sunshine too. :) I hope things work out for you. Maybe that disability will suddenly come through and you can have your independence back. I'll keep hoping so.


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