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Hello everyone my name is Frankie. I have been diagnosed wit

Hello everyone my name is Frankie. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for three years now but have went without medication. A lot of things have changed for me in the past three years and ultimately I am considering medication but I am very afraid that I won’t be myself anymore. Is that an unrealistic fear ? What can I expect from taking medication and do they really help ?

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May 22

I think when you take medication you have to look at it as a tool, cholesterolal medicine doesn't change someone, it makes them healthy, same with mental health medication, it helps reveal the health you.

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May 22

Hello strawbaby1, the fear you have is definitely realistic. How did you manage this far and what makes you want to be on medications now? With bipolar the medications will help stabilize the moods you are having and make them more leveled out. You will have to find the best ones or combination so the side effects don’t affect something else that’s all. But I agree it reveals you healthy.

May 23

Thank you so much. I’ve managed okay without it but mainly because I have some family that has helped me where I haven’t ended up homeless. I did lose a lot of people and I’m fortunate nothing too bad has happened. I’m not too bad but it’s just getting old and tiring


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