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Hello everyone, got back to here. I got off all facebook,

Hello everyone, got back to here. I got off all facebook, I do not know if facebook is good for a bi polar. I miss the outside world. Facebook sucks you in, and never lets you go. It becomes an obsession. I fall into delusions. Is that good, getting off facebook, what does anyone else think?

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Jane887's picture
Oct 12

I also stopped Facebook. I personally think it's great. I don't do social media, this is probably the closest thing I have to social media. Facebook just makes you feel insecure about your own life because everyone looks so happy and like they have something you don't but it's fake. You aren't missing out on anything because meanwhile they spend hours of their day online posting pictures they don't experience what's actually happening in the present moment in their own lives. Its actually ironic how it's called social media because its far from social if it's takes you away from society and reality. You should be proud of yourself :)

Oct 12

I am considering going off from Facebook but I feel as if I am going to miss out on something if I do. I don't know what to do.

Creative_traveller's picture
Oct 12

I use Facebook to let everyone inadvertently know I am manic and then hit a point where it reminds me why I shouldn't go on it lol


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