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Finally the doc got samples that cost me $500, but of the me

Finally the doc got samples that cost me $500, but of the med that works for me! I have been on it only 4 days and feel like a new woman. Not crying, getting some energy back, can think clearly! He has faxed the phar company to try to get me a coupon to help with the cost. Please say a prayer that they will approve it. I was suicidal for 3 months and this is awesome! To be level again and have a taste of what normal life can feel like is amazing! Thanks

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Sep 11

@CKBlossom Thank you. Am still waiting and praying the phar company will approve me for help!

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Sep 11

@kbabygrand Keep us updated please.

Sep 15

I have been on the Rexulti samples almost 4 weeks now and has turned my life around. I am like a new woman. Well almost. Much better anyway. I know when I get up to 2 mg. for a while I will be there. I am just praying that the company will approve my coupon for continued help. The doctor does no know how long he can get samples because the rep is not reliable due to Covid. I have also been on Plexus. My daughter is a representative and is has been awesome. I have lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks., have more energy and my gut health is improving. I am so thankful for your support! Thanks for checking on me!!


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