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Feeling like my life is over. It's very depressing that I ca

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Feeling like my life is over. It's very depressing that I can't have a handle of this illness. I'm trying to get my life back and it feels like I am doing it alone. I get irritated,anger,depressed,making bad decisions. I have a doctor and therapist and my life feels like I am alone. Why do I feel worthless and I have not been living my life to my expectations. I want to work but I am getting a hard time finding a place that can help me get on my feet. That's not right because I need help and I feel like I am not getting it. What should I do?

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Sep 12

If your therapist, doctor and meds aren't helping, then maybe you need a new combo!

Sep 12

You may be experiencing a mixed mood manifestation. I recommend that you just go with the flow. Your mind chemistry is such that your mood is going to move up or down. With medication we always aim for getting back to and maintaining center (Balance.) Then our thoughts get involved and can trigger other hormones resulting in odd emotions at odd times which further trigger hormones. When our mood is elevated our minds race and we feel almost out of control.

Go back to basics. Are you eating enough and correctly? Are you getting adequate sleep? Are you taking your meds as prescribed? Try to think your way back to balanced. When we are irritated, angry and making poor decisions, it's time to check for an elevation in mood. See if you can get yourself back to neutral and balanced. Then post again and we will try to give you some insights on how to seek and find the success you so desire. There is nothing that you have posted here that cannot be solved, but you can't do it all at once.

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