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feeling bipolar today! Woke up in a crabby mood, went to cou

feeling bipolar today! Woke up in a crabby mood, went to counseling crying for no apparent reason and hardly talked with the therapist, went to a day program and was totally fine. Now I'm home and feel overwhelmed with the responsibility to keep my **** together. I had about 40 people laughing at a question I asked for the opening group.....:: If you had to decide between burping or farting what one would you choose?" Yes, disgusting but you had to be there to see people's reactions. Boyfriend comes home later tonight, plan to spend some time together have not been able to enjoy each other's company due to our schedules. The joys of highs and lows...

norseduncan's picture
Jan 10

how was the time with your boyfriend? and burp...definitely burp ;-D

Stínový's picture
Jan 11

Totally burp


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