do bipolar people lie? forget things? trying to learn as muc

do bipolar people lie? forget things? trying to learn as much as possible I don't want my marriage to end.

PigfaceMcGee's picture
Oct 28, 2013

it depends what kind of state a bi-polar person is in. If he is in a manic state he can become very forgetful exaggerate and yes lie. But saying that people with bi-polar lie is not correct assumption we only lie when we have something we hide or are afraid of the consequences. Ir just don't want to deal with the hassle of the truth. Everyone lies to a little degree. Otherwise we would all be acting like people in the movie "The invention of lying"

CKBlossom's picture
Nov 4, 2013

I think that learning about your spouse's Bipolar is important, but generalized statements can really apply to anyone, as I think everyone lies and forgets things from time to time.

However, lying and forgetting things can be very straining on a relationship, is this what is going on with your marriage?



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