I woke up this morning so upset. Right now my living arrange

I woke up this morning so upset. Right now my living arrangement is with someone else and i appreciate the help til my place cum thru. Bit her bf is rude and petty. Today i felt it was rude to not let the kids watcha little cartoons.
He never speaks back and always has an attitude.
I deal with my own anger issues.my anger turns to rage. The only thing i can control is walking away before i get outta character.
Any advice on anger issues?

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Aug 11

Thank you. After that day we finally were able to break the ice over sum drinks. and got to both have an understanding. As u said walking away was my best option bc i wouldve said something out of anger that couldve messed up my living arrangement. Im proud i took the step to walk away. Thanks for advice .

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Aug 12

Well done for walking away. When you have those feelings boiling up in the pit of your stomach, and rising to the surface it is so difficult to hold your tongue and not lash out. Anger can be a very powerful and good emotion. Its not all bad, it can give you courage and gumption when needed. But it is a very fine line between useful and hurtful anger. Have you ever looked at the situations where your anger is quick to rise and try to figure out why? For myself, (and it took me 10 years to realise this) but anger made me feel strong, about situations that I felt weak or scared or incapable. Even now it can spur me on to do something, but I have to make sure that that what I do is the right thing, and not just because its the heat of the moment. One thing I tried when I first started to learn to control my anger was visualising a tree. No, not a nice lovely happy tree, but a huge great beast of a tree. My anger was the roots which tore through the soil, ripping through the ground and twisting and gnarling around each other. Then, once I had (hopefully) released some of my pent up frustration through the root image (I would often move my fingers also as if they were the roots) I would try to visualise some body of strength rising through the heart of the tree to the leaves. By then I would hopefully have my breathing and anger under control. Sometimes it didn't work and I would smash something instead lol. Its just about finding what is right for you, and knowing that you will always have to be aware of it and work on it. Hope that helps a little xx

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Aug 13

@ sqwoo yes that was good advice and u even made me laugh a little. Feels good to know im not alone. Thank you. I am finding the best technique for me.


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