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With great reluctance, I share my ramblings afternoon. I

With great reluctance, I share my ramblings afternoon.

I'm sleepy, tired but fulfilled and happy.

By the way, I'm Kalu, a bipolar porn addict who is making every effort to return to normalcy and be good.

I've not acted out in a few days - great thanks to a free filtering app that was suggested by friends of an SA fellowship.

The app isn't perfect. It's at times like this that I regret being so intelligent. I found ways to bypass the filtering function of the app but I have enough will power to avoid boycotting the app - at least for now.

I wanted to start my own fellowship on WhatsApp but was neither sober enough or strong enough to do that. I'm a bit shy too. Cannot be telling just anyone about my porn addiction.

I'm sure it's an addiction because when the cravings come, I can't but do it but when I've acted out and slept off I wake up with great resentments. Really great ones

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Feb 17

@jim111 Lol. I do indeed. Thanks.

Feb 17

@WilliamJoe Thanks. I wish identifying your problems was tantamount to solving it.

WilliamJoe's picture
Feb 17

@Kalu it is a great start.


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