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So many things that have happened to me this year so far....

So many things that have happened to me this year so far.......I brought it all on to myself, & I could use what I've been telling people about I've never experienced certain things & I've never been in this or that before & most of it if not all of it is true .... I've never been in a serious relationship before I've never had a serious girlfriend before & I've never been through a break up either, looking back I wish I wouldn't been so ugly & mean & not giving my ex girlfriend the time & space she was asking for.....I'd thought I was giving her some time but not enough & I kept texting her even when she asked me not text as often as we use to......I kept asking for closer or things like that to find out what happened to us even though she had written a break up letter explaing why.......I was jus in shock! About all of this!! I'm such a **** & a ahole I know everyone says it takes time & to move on & all that & I am......little by little

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ajmommy002's picture
Jul 10

I agree with Scat. We all go through these experiences and hopefully we learn something from them. I like the write your own letter idea too. Put your feelings on paper.

Marathemoabite's picture
Jul 11

We make mistakes and then we learn from them. There will be another special lady and when she arrives I feel confident you will be her knight in shinning armor bc of what you went through with the ex.

newcomer94's picture
Jul 11

We all make mistakes. Going message crazy after a break up is normal, especially if you want more out of the person or a second chance. However, it's important yes to move on when we don't receive the response we crave. Some people are just meant to walk in and walk out. I would keep up the good fight. You identified what was wrong and what you'd like to work on, do that and then start looking. You never know what you might find.


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