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Hey everyone been awhile since I've been on here, I'm doing

Hey everyone been awhile since I've been on here, I'm doing somewhat better, still recovering from the break up I've experienced jus a little over 4 months ago, still have my moments of sadness & depression & crying but know that there nothing I can do but keep moving forward, I realized now that I will never be in a relationship ever again, being​ in prison years ago still haunts me can't find a better place to live because of my it, I know what people say but everyone situation always different from person to person & state to state, I keep trying but seems I'm always hitting a brick wall or doors closed jus gets frustrating

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Jun 13

@HeartbrokenDan, I'm certainly impressed by your will to move forward. My dad, the ex con, lived in Portland, OR. people were very kind to him. He had lots of friends even took care of him when he got cancer and died. He told me it was the best place he ever lived and he lived a lot of other places over his life. In Portland, he got a good job and apartment. But you know what? I think he gave up on a love life and dating by that time (in his 50s.) He just hung out with friends. I don't know your age at all. But I know in my 50s I wouldn't bother myself. : ( On the brink of a divorce.

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Jun 13

@Scat I'm 54 fixing to be 55 next month, I had never been in a relationship with anyone before this woman I had been with for about 14 months although I'd known her for a little longer, she was my first real girlfriend, & relationship I had been living by myself most of my life, although I've had a few roommate in recent years but still was alone I had been somewhat use to being alone but now that I've had someone special in my life it's harder to going b being by myself alone but for now that's what I have to do I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a divorce

Jun 14

@HeartbrokenDan, Thank you for saying that about my potential divorce. Very kind. I know what you mean about getting used to having someone and then you have to get used to being alone again. It's very difficult.


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