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also, wondering what y'all's opinions are on dreams/nightmar

also, wondering what y'all's opinions are on dreams/nightmares/prazosin. been struggling with it lately and my therapist is having me fill out a dream journal of sorts- writing down my dreams as soon as I wake up is freaking me out. I usually don't remember my dreams for long, and knowing what they were is kind of.. uncomfortable? I'm not sure how to describe it. I don't like thinking about it, but my therapist said that that avoidance may be part of the issue. at least with prazosin I'm not getting trauma-related waking dreams anymore (close to sleep paralysis, but you can move. in my opinion, that worse). have any of you been dealing with this? any advice or stories to share?

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Jul 21

I've always had nightmares, my mum says I even had them as a baby. My antidepressant didn't change my dreams, but the prazosin did, at least for a while. Slowly, though, my dreams started coming back, and for the most part they're back to normal, except for the waking dreams. Those were mostly trauma related, and thankfully those haven't come back (yet). I talked to my therapist again and we decided not to write down the dreams anymore unless they disturbed me throughout the day, so far it is better not writing them down... it helps me not to dwell on them. Another thing that helps, even though it might sound stupid, is telling myself as I'm about to fall asleep that I will have good dreams. She told me it might help, and it does a little bit, although it does make me feel a little silly.

Jul 24

@nickity-nick that sounds like a good strategy to tell yourself to have good dreams. If it helps you, there's nothing to feel silly about. I know that looking at cartoons before I go to bed help me not have such vivid dreams. Its something about the humor in them. I also make it a habit to sleep with my television on so I have some background noise to distract me. That has seemed to help cut down on the vivid dreams.

Jul 24

@PianoPrincess56 That's good that your mood stabilizers help with your dreams. I haven't found mine to be very helpful in that realm. I don't always have the vivid dreams, but when I do I just toss and turn all night.


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