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I feel like a horrible mother because I never want to be aro


I feel like a horrible mother because I never want to be around my kids, even when they're being good. I'm just not affectionate with them naturally and they hate it, especially since I'm usually all they've got. They're 5, they're twins and girls so it's probably not going nto get any easier. With my luck I'll probably miss it when they get older and start hating me but I just feel so suffocated all the time now and I feel so guilty that I find it so hard to give them what they need.

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Sep 23

I've tried getting help but everyone's too busy and famy does help a little but it's just not enough. I never miss them when they're not around and I just can't get away from them enough. I thought it would be different when they started school but weekend are still horrible. They're starved for affection and I'm suffocating

Oct 25

How about your husband, he can help. Grandparents? Are you busy with work? Did you want to have kids or just accidentally happened? It is ok to be tired with kids. My husband did not like little kids, but now when they are bigger (10), he likes to spend time with them, may be you are the same. For me, it was easier to wipe their buts then to take emotional burden of 10s

Dec 6

@Menoar I think it helps to help yourself. I would print out Cognitive Behavior Therapy worksheets and do them every morning and night. It seriously helps a LOT. You have to learn to correct your own thoughts. That, coupled with practicing quietenjng your mind. It really is a daily habit to build (becoming aware of your thiughts, and filling your head with silence). It helps to focus on parts of your body with great concentration.


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