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Help me guys. I did promise myself that no matter what happe

Help me guys. I did promise myself that no matter what happens I will not cut again. I do not want to go into that path once more time but I have just found out my boyfriend is maybe cheating on me. I found him hiding picture of other the girls in his cellphone. I said he does not know how that picture is in his phone. Can you believe that? It is his cellphone. How could he not know it? And the saddest thing is, he did not even try to explain to me. I left and he was just lying there texting on his phone. Gosh I want a cut so bad. How can I get through tonight? I just want to cut myself again.

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Dec 5, 2018

Take care

buddhabob's picture
Dec 6, 2018

What they all said: some really good comments here, so I really have nothing to add! I hope you come out of this whole experience stronger..

Dec 8, 2018

There are great things in life that are fun find the things you enjoy even if you do them by yourself or find new friends at a church or somewhere positive


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