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Sad & depressed been crying off & on, thoughts of my ex girl

Sad & depressed been crying off & on, thoughts of my ex girlfriend keeps popping up in my head jus out of nowhere, I'm trying not to be sad & depressed & not think of her but the thoughts come, I'm tired of feeling this way

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Cw1's picture
Apr 14

A lot of people have responded already. I just want to say I get it. Hang in...

Apr 15

U need a different girlfriend to give ur attention to and her attention to u. I always say, "A nail is driven out by another nail".

HeartbrokenDan's picture
Apr 15

@Farrah11 yeah I want to be able to find another girlfriend but I'm realizing that right now I have to work on myself & bettering myself before I can get into a relationship again


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