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As a group maybe we should consider supporting national drug

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As a group maybe we should consider supporting national drug policy changes example for medicinal marijuana. Thoughts anyone? I am donating and contacting representatives

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tryingtoheal2014's picture
Feb 10

Definitely understudied. I’ve taken other drugs where I feel like a total zombie or where I’m too relaxed. Thinking about trying it.

LonerStoner112358's picture
Feb 10

i agree, i also think psilocybin Mushrooms can be helpful for depression, i've done them a few times, and i've noticed decreased anxiety and depressive episodes weeks afterwards. I am currently on 20 mg citalopram that does absolutely nothing for me, the only reason i'm not fully off is i hate the withdrawals of it. i've nearly died from a long planned out suicide plan, I am a lot better now. But the temptations of cutting, and suicidal ideation is still there, and i still have depressive episodes and crying spells. I smoke weed regularly because it helps numb loneliness, and provide some relief from obsessive thinking. I Wish weed was a cure all to my depression, but so far it is just a band aid for me.

Jennipain's picture
Feb 10

I do agree with the MJ I am in a state that it is legal and I use it for pain since I do not take narcotics at all. It helps me sleep with no pain at all.


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