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The worst part of bipolar depression is when it comes back i

The worst part of bipolar depression is when it comes back it knock the hell out of you down. I hate when my mood switches from the normal state to the depressed state. Everytime I finish watching a TV series then I just automatically fall into depression. It is like I do not want the series to end, I just want it to keep going on forever. I notice myself having this trait for a long time. Has anyone ever been the same? Plus the panic attack always comes along with the sad mood, wow... what an awful night I am having...

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Dec 9

So what techniques do you use to get yourself through the panic attacks?

Shayera's picture
Dec 10

@kvolm2016 Well I can not do anything except waiting for it to be over. And sometimes I feel like I cant even breathe.

Dec 14

@Shayera have you ever learned any breathing or focus techniques to use when you are having a panic attack?


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