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Does anyone ever get depressed at night? Like, regularly dep

Does anyone ever get depressed at night? Like, regularly depressed? Every night? I don't know where it came from, but I lack so much energy and willpower at night to do anything, or even to be happy. If I'm distracted by other people, sometimes that helps. But sometimes I don't even want to talk with people because I'll be so depressed...and people don't handle depressed people very well. I just don't know how to handle it anymore. Well, I haven't been handling it well in the first place.

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Feb 13

oh my gosh! What a good man to give flowers so sorry that are unappreciated a non-loving wife is awful I'm sorry married an alone is so hard

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Feb 13

Yes. There's a lot of research as to why this happens. Some factors might include screentime and also because when people are tired they are much more honest. Check out this dope article I found.

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Feb 13

Yep, feeling invisible daily doesn't help.


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