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I’m getting married on Saturday. I’m not sure if it’s

I’m getting married on Saturday.
I’m not sure if it’s just stress , anxiety cold feet or what. But during my engagement to my fiancée I found out he had a sexual fetish that he was addicted too that I don’t want to participate in. He has recently try to push it which has almost ruined our sex life. On top of it 6 weeks before the wedding I found out he had a bad addiction to porn which he spends almost $300 a month to watch. I have no emotions on how I feel about this. When I confronted him it threw him into a bipolar rampage. 1st saying he does it for us. Then threated himself if I were to leave. Last night I officially told him since finding out I have no desire to have sex with you , all he said was ok. I tried to call him this morning he said he’s not having this conversation now.

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Sep 29

Oh love, this is NOT how marriage should start out. Pornography addictions, sexual fetishes are serious issues that need to be addressed in a healthy way for healing and freedom to take place. I know this is not what you may want to hear, but I would strongly encourage you to postpone this wedding and seek out help. There are support groups out there, counselors, therapists that specialize in this area and could bring immense help! I would also consider getting counseling myself so that you can understand this addiction and gain insight and tools into how you help or hinder your loved one. Marriage is a unique bonding of two people wherein you share your bodies, minds and souls. You want to be united to someone that can devote themselves to you fully-sharing purity, real love and intimacy with just you- not bringing baggage and cheap imitations to your bed! Praying you find strength and courage to address this issue before committing to marriage.

Nov 23

Don't do it. The betrayal will kill you. Trust me!

Dec 2

Did you fall into the abyss?


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