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I have been feeling many mood swings lately- mostly on the d

I have been feeling many mood swings lately- mostly on the depressed side with anxiety.
I dream of being able to return to work but lack the focus and skills I need to work and it gets me down.

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Littlesis7's picture
Jul 1

Couldn't agree MORE. I will eventually have to return to my crappy part/full time job and I'm very scared that I just can't do this job anymore? It's exhausting and I'm not just talking about the physical end -the emotional investment is HUGE.
Problem is universal..we all need money to live.
I wish you peace and wellness -you are not alone my friend.

Jul 1

Hey girlie7, hope you know that these feelings are pretty common right now with all of the extra stress of daily life for most people. Are you/were you in a particular field of work that you are unable to return to? Are you currently looking for work or is there a timeline for when that will happen?

kprincess613's picture
Jul 4

Hey guys! this is definetly very common with many people, with or without mental health issues. Most jobs that are currently open for business have alot more work for each position, some are paying more and some are not. Then some businesses are not open still which makes finding jobs stressful. I have been struggling in my line of business with my anxiety and bipolar because I am not doing well. PLus I moved an hour away from my work. I am not making any money and I work in a restaurant. The workload is unbelievable for the little pay. I have finally decided to leave and I am terrifed about looking for jobs now.


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