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I have an Ex that has BPD and bi polar disorder..... He love

I have an Ex that has BPD and bi polar disorder..... He loves me one day then the woman he cheated on me with the next..... I love him but chose to walk away.... Any suggestions on what I should do

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Oct 11

It takes time to overcome deception and trust issues. Like @Seekingfreedom shared, you are best off to keep walking away. You will never trust him again and relationships are hard enough without the loss of trust.

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Oct 12

This might help make sense of it all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp6-PhP1Yas&feature=share

Oct 13

Thank you..... I'm trying to make sense of it.... I know if he doesn't get the mental help he needs.... This will be my life.....But the guilt I feel for abandoning him is unreal.... I just am so confused.... Do I try and save him or save myself


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