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I’m at such a complete loss right now. I’ve been dia

I’m at such a complete loss right now.

I’ve been diagnosed borderline for two years now and have suffered from the symptoms for close to ten. I know I am capable of hurting people when I feel hurt. I believe my own skewed version of reality and spread it like it’s the truth... I guess it became too much for my core friend group, because they have cut me out with little to no explanation. I can guess at the behaviors that lead to this happening, but the only information I’ve gotten out of them is that they sat down, compared notes, and have come to the conclusion that I have emotionally manipulated and abused and used all of them... no matter how I look at the story, I can’t see it. I don’t see myself as a manipulator. I know I spread misinformation, but it was never with any malice or with the intent to turn them against each other... they won’t give me a chance to explain myself and they won’t tell me exactly what it is that I did, only that if I can’t see what’s wrong with me, then I “need more help” than they thought...

I’m in an intensive outpatient program right now, on my medications and reading a lot of self help books but... what if I am this person that they say I am... what if I’ve just convinced myself that I’m a good person and I’m not a scheming liar, but that’s who I am at my core??

I miss my friends. I’m horrified that my actions, regardless of their intent, have lead to this... I feel so isolated despite still having friends who care for me. I just... don’t know what to do

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