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Could I have some opinions from everyone? Here's what I di

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Could I have some opinions from everyone?
Here's what I did....
I was discussing something with a relative and my child kept saying mommy, mommy, mommy....
So, after saying, "one moment sweetheart, I'm having a conversation"
My little one said, "I want your attention, I want ALL of your attention"
I stooped down and spoke to my little one and asked, "Are you feeling jealous that I am talking and you are not included?"
My child said, "YES!!"
So, I asked, "would it help you to feel included if I gave you a piggy back while I finished my conversation?"
My child's eyes lit up with joy....

So, feedback would be nice....I stopped mid sentence to talk to my little one which may have insulted the person I was having the conversation with....what are your thoughts?

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Nov 14

I think what you did to handle things was right on. Children haven't learned the art of patience yet. People who have children should understand.

Nov 14

How old is your little one? I had a similar incident. What I did was afterwards, when my LO and I were alone I explained that what they did was inappropriate (my LO is 6 and I had explained we were going somewhere, where I would need him to be quiet for a while). And he apologized and promised to not do it again.

But I think you are an excellent mom. What I cannot tolerate from adults is yelling, smacking or any kind of aggressive/dismissive/shaming behavior, as if children are incapable of listening or reasoning.

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Nov 14

@Moon_Pie 4


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