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You know how you see those weight loss stories online, in ma

You know how you see those weight loss stories online, in magazines, etc, about a person having that "aha" moment..."realizing something needs to change"? I wish that was all I needed. I feel that having the specific issue of binge eating, or some other type of major disordered eating, makes it so much more difficult to actually react to that "aha" moment. I recognize just about every single day, multiple times per day, that I need to change because I don't want to feel and look this way, and I have got to start looking out for my health as I'm getting older and have health issues in my family, yet it is just so difficult to shake the habits. What else does it take?

CKBlossom's picture
Mar 20, 2017

I think eventually it take the one moment where you are actually ready to change.


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