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The struggle is real tonight.I want to binge so bad.Im very


The struggle is real tonight.I want to binge so bad.Im very agitated and anxious.Thats why I want to.I'm upset because I am not happy at home or with myself or my relationships with people I feel like I cant breath.Sometimes I want to give up it all hurts too bad I am a product of a train wreck.Lord in heaven S.O.S

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Aug 9

@ibel88, my binging doesn't relate to food. But it is binging all the same. And it is calling my name. Like you, I just want to escape. I want to escape my life. I want to escape my people. I want to escape where I live. But most of all, I want to escape ME. And that's the thing I can NEVER escape, no matter how much I try.

Let's hold on to one another this evening in order to get through this, ok? Tomorrow things will be better. We just have to get through tonight.

Aug 10

Thank you for your support.I am here for you too.I hope you made it through the night.Its truly minute to minute.I made it through last night with no binge.But due to stress i want to get wasted to forget everything around drinking shopping sex drugs self harm.Anything I can do to escape my reality of not seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.I hope you have a good day and I hope we can both make it through today sober of our destructive behaviors


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