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Okay so here's my story. Chubby unattractive child. Grew int

Okay so here's my story. Chubby unattractive child. Grew into a chubby teenager and the discovered the Cambridge diet. List weight very quickly and gained lots of attention from boys. Couldn't maintain the diet and discovered vomiting. And so the binge/purge lifestyle began. That's been my life for 35 long years. I just turned 50 and I'm as ill with this now as I was when I was 15. But the binging is winning against the purging and I'm now the heaviest I have been for quite a while. 17 stone. I've really had enough of this life. I hate this addiction. But it owns me and I'm stuck in it. My marriage failed last year and my only child is s grown adult and lives miles away. I'm on my own although I am always the life and soul with a good social life, I'm dying.
I don't know how to cope anymore.
I'm a successful business woman and my acquaintances would be stunned to know this about me.

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Apr 21, 2017

Ahh thank you girls. I wasn't sure if I'd posted correctly :-)
And thank you both for wise words. I appreciate it :-)
I would hate to think young people could have the life I have had with this awful thing looming over them. But we are never too old to learn and so I willing listen to advice from any age/source. Thank you again x

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Apr 21, 2017

@agv98 I believe minds have no age. So your advice is just as valid as anyone's.

Apr 21, 2017

@Turnasil I grew up with a mom who was bulimic and it was very hard. My siblings and I have all struggled with our image as we grew older because of it. I am now in the same boat and it made me realize I am creating the same childhood for my daughter and marriage for my husband.. keep sharing in this group. I think it will help. Find your outlet that will take your mind off of eating. You may realize you just needed something different to do that interests you. Stay positive and remember that it's never too late to improve yourself. You said yourself you're a successful business woman. If you succeed in your career, you can definitely succeed in your personal life! You got this girl!


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