ok, time to analyze yesterarday's situation:it wasa heavy bi

ok, time to analyze yesterarday's situation:it wasa heavy bingingbut stilll...
How did I go off plan? What happened?
basically speaing a couple of days ago, I stepped on the weight and it didn't show any changes. since then I felt like a fat pig. yesterday, I felt hungry all the time. in one meal, I ate too much. and I was bored with the food I had. so, I ate something different.
and voila..I couldn'tstop. and once normal "clean" (but calorific) food ran out, I took a sandwich and cabbage prepared by my mum as a "dirty" meal for therest of my family"
What was I thinking just before making the decision to go off plan?
that i'm fat anyway, it won't change anything
What was I feeling at the time?
actually the same. plus the thought that I'm weak and hopeless
Build 5 chains (actions) that could have changed the outcome. (List things you could
have done differently, no matter how small, to change the outcome.
1. leave the kitchen before tasting cabbage and different thnings
2. drink some water
3. do self-affirmation
4. convince myself that dieting takes time
5. find something to do

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Aug 12

As you know, we all have slips but you've tuned this slip into a powerful learning experience by "chaining." The only thing I don't see in your chain is "What you commit to to the next time you face a similar situation." Good job (+10).

Aug 12

o, u're right, i haven't noticed. well, I will think twice if I am really hungry or I just want to taste something. I'll drin a glass of water, get busy away of the kitchen and see if it works


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