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My phycologist sent me to an eating disorder clinic but I wa

My phycologist sent me to an eating disorder clinic but I was not impressed.

First of all, they wanted me to be on my aderall and xanax ( ?! ) . Second, they said I was going to see a nutritionist and get my special meal plan just for me. But arriving there the first day after the intake, they just sent me to breakfast and everyone was having the same breakfast. Even tough I said I dont eat gluten, dairy and I keep my meals very clean because I like eating that way ( usually when I binge I still binge on "healthy stuff" ) they served me a Bagel with cream cheese, Banana with yogurt and a glas of Chocolate milk????? I could not take this clinic serious.

I researched alot online and I see other people having this issue, going into a eating disorder clinic, not wanting to eat the unhealthy food the clinics usually serve. I realize they want to normalize the stigma you have around "bad food" but I dont want my diet to consist of , pizza, pasta, pretzel, cereals, meat, cheese, bread, and sugary food. I just want to NOT BINGE. I dont think they are very educated on the nutrion in Good food VS bad food in these different clinics And I feel they dont realize that that type of food usually triggers your binge and its proven, you eat alot of acidic food, your body craves that, which makes it even harder to not binge, if you put all these process food in your body..... THOUGHTS??? anyone who been in treatment and had success ????

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May 14, 2019

My comment seems to have disappeared. :O This was also my experience when I was hospitalized for the first time; I wasn't an ED patient but I was on a ward with others who were, and I had BED and bulimic tendencies at the time that went under the radar. Counterintuitively, inpatient isn't actually about the food, it's about what's going on inside of you emotionally. When you're ready to become emotionally healthy, the outer issues will slowly resolve with self compassion, time, and effort. It does take time - be kind to yourself, and trust your clinicians at the outset, as you can't necessarily see the picture clearly when you're ill. I've been hospitalized 7 times and I'm worlds away from where I was when I started, though it's not a bed of roses now. Recovery is sometimes a lifetime process. For others, things resolve within a few years. Best wishes to you on your journey, whichever form it may take. <3

May 15, 2019

You mean that they don't serve any good foods at all like salads or fruits or beans...?


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