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META-MONITORING DIARY Date: 9 th of september Score: 80 no


META-MONITORING DIARY Date: 9 th of september Score: 80
not binging, no sweets, training done, self affirmation done. so, the most important things are done.
however, I didn't track the calories,like I wanted and I didn't focus on my thesis. what is more, maybe I didn't eat sweets, but I ate too much drainy fruits and too much ketchup and bread spread (these are things that I should avoid as well)

Sep 12

Thanks for sharing this Kebula you are doing good.

Sep 12

Newbie here! What is meta-monitoring? Also, how are you tracking calories and not triggering yourself? I ask b/c I tried counting cals last week (I have some serious lbs to lose) and 4 days in, I binged on half a loaf of bread. The Restrict-Binge cycle is frustrating.

Sep 13

@Charly1 so, welcome on our board and I keep my fingers crossed for your recovery:)
I track calories more less. u know, I know the nutritional values of most of the products by heart because I used to count for a couple of years. calorie tracking (especially with restricting) is not the first and best way to recover from binging. I recommend you reading the posts published by our mod: certifiedangus. he gives many usefu tips. the key to recover is understanding why it happens, what triggers binging and then, working on the "triggers":-). in case of additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me:)


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