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META-MONITORING DIARY Date: 11 th Score: 80 yep...u can't

META-MONITORING DIARY Date: 11 th Score: 80
yep...u can't have everyday for almost 100 percent. I was closed to binging and I ate too food which I shouldn't touch. it wasn't binging because thanks to STOP method I realized that it's a bad idea but my calorific balance is exceeded).I cut only 20 points for it because, like I mentioned, i managed to consciounsly stop me what contributed to actually adding points:)
besides,like usual: I have my favourite phrase to repeat which helps and i was on a date sooo, u know:P

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Sep 12

Dealing with your urges effectively or even semi-effectively is the key for growth. Good job!

Sep 13

@certifiedangus thank you :) I actually have the same opinion. that is why i actually added some points :).because I am finally more conscious, I can analyze my behavior!

Sep 13

@kebula Wonderful!


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