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Last night was better with my night binging.I let myself at


Last night was better with my night binging.I let myself at enough in the day did not deprive or focus on how much weight I need to lose.I didn't feel as sick this morning.Today so far I have tried to stick with tbe same mindset till I can heal these emotional wounds that cause a long line of addiction problems.We had a work luncheon today with our whole company.It was nerve racking to think those people can see how much weigh i have gained in tbe last 2 years because of stress.Im glad tbats over.Wish me luck tonight.The nights are tbe worst for me.

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Aug 9

Omgoodness I know what you mean. Binge eating at night is when I am most tempted, too. The important thing is your focusing on getting better. And yeah, we mind as well deal with the emotional wounds first because if not we'll lose weight just to gain it back again. Wish you good luck tonight. U can do this.


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