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Last night I snacked after dinner while watching TV. I had a

Last night I snacked after dinner while watching TV. I had a couple of bowls of popcorn and plantain chips mixed. That in itself is not what I consider a binge. It could have been much worse. However, I wasn't hungry. It was more just this habit I have that snacking goes along with watching TV. It is interesting because watching TV is a relaxing numbing experience, so I shouldn't need more comfort. I really need to be conscientious at these times not to listen to that primitive part of my brain that is telling me I need to eat just because I am watching TV. I would love to break that association.

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May 12

mindfully break it. when you watch tv remind yourself before during and after that you don't need or want to snack while you watch

May 16

Just know that that could have been a binge and the fact it wasnt was great!! Even those "normal" eaters go through this too X


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