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just had another binge and a panic attack right after. i kee

just had another binge and a panic attack right after. i keep promising myself 'this would be my last binge' bu then i end up letting myself down every time. its stressing me out a lot. i feel like i've completely lost control. i have exams in 2 days and i can't focus on studying for more than 30 mins without reaching for more food and then i end up feeling so bloated and anxious

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Jan 15

I found it to be profoundly helpful. There are lots of resources on the website as well. You are not alone, and you are not a slave to your urges!!! it will get getter.

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Jan 15

I started classes this past Monday, I binged Sunday night due to the stress of class starting up again. Immediately regretted it (as per usual), today I downloaded a "Days Since" app, to try and keep me accountable. So far it is at 3 days without a binge. I am rooting for you and your road to recovery. Also, I hope your exams go well! Thanks for your share.

Jan 26

Same problem for me. Quite funny but what I do is I take a bus to a library half an hour away from home with no money and then without any distractions I get some things done at least


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