i've just binged today.. i binged 2 days ago, i thought i co

i've just binged today.. i binged 2 days ago, i thought i could break the cycle but i cant... i dont know what to do..

Apr 20

I'm sorry. Keep your head up and try again. Just keep trying and you'll get there. We support you.

Apr 20

Hi and welcome to our group. I'm sensing that you feel you've failed! The fact is you haven't been a failure here. Binge eating recovery is usually a very bumpy ride with lots of slip-ups along the way. Your were able to sustain a couple of binge free days and that happens to be a victory. Yes, you've slipped and that's to be expected as your recovery isn't a linear process. Learn what you can regarding your latest slip. What was going on in your life? What were you doing when the binge urge occurred? Did you use any strategies to get through that urge or did you simply "crash and burn?" What might you do next time in a similar situation. If you can find answers to some of these questions, you might try something different the next time. Keep your head up and please don't practice any form of self-criticism as it only feeds the binge fire. Hugs!


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