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I've been so frustrated with myself. I've wanted to lose the

I've been so frustrated with myself. I've wanted to lose the weight for a year and a half now, but I haven't gotten anywhere and it's beyond frustrating. I feel like no matter what I do, I'm always stuck in place. Never progressing forward or backward, regardless of whether I eat healthy and exercise or not. Right now, I could really just use some motivation to keep going! I want to feel more energetic and be healthier, but it's hard. It's hard to give up a habit of eating junk food and sugary things (especially during difficult emotional times) when you're used to a lifetime of it. When you're used to having food there as a way to comfort yourself, and it's there for you when no one else is. It's hard to let it go and start accepting the things that you cannot change. But right now, I could really use some support to not give up on this healthy-eating journey and finally learning to give up a lifetime of unhealthy habits. Any motivation that you could possibly give me is greatly appreciated right now!

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LollyNews's picture
Mar 10

@youngequestrian How about change your thinking and instead of telling yourself it's hard, tell yourself it's easy and it will be.

Eleni007's picture
Mar 12

I have the same problem @youngequestrian. Two years of fighting, no result. What I think is that we do our best for our health, If we make it to lose weight it's ok, if not we are lovely anyway.

EDNYC2018's picture
Mar 13

good day younequestrain.. I been there where you are now, I found answer that are working wonders for me and in my weight loss, these answer works great for me and not sure if it does with others but Ill be gladly share my routine and food plan and I assure you its all natural and healthier and not boring stuff food, the emotional eating is been my nightmare for ever but now I found it easier to eat bit more healthier foods then the junk food on those bad days, and for sweet tooth i found sweet natural fruits does the job, but its not just eating well its also putting in the work at the gym, when those days are really hard for me I now tend to turn to the punching bag or lifting weights and not abusing my own body with useless foods, if you like more info on my setup Ill gladly share


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