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I'm so happy I found an outlet online where I can talk about


I'm so happy I found an outlet online where I can talk about this...I'm a division 1 track athlete and lately food has completely taken over my life. It's all I can ever think about, and every time I eat I try to eat a normal amount and then when I'm alone I buy a bunch of candy or chips and eat it all in one sitting, then I sit there hating myself. I'm supposed to be an elite athlete, fueling my body, so that makes me feel even more guilty. Lately, every time I look in the mirror I feel fat and disgusting, and completely unworthy of being on the team. Its miserable. I have all the apps on my phone for counting calories, trying to restrict myself, and it has honestly become an obsession. I'm so desperate.

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Sep 10

@agse01 You have been so helpful, thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it

Sep 10

@ks2000 I'm just now seeing your reply. Please tap on the word reply in the lower left corner of the person's text box before you reply so they will get notification of your reply ok. You could try going to bed earlier so you don't binge when 8 go to bed earlier i don't binge.

Sep 11

@ks2000 You are very welcome!


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