I'm Reshuffling the deck and planning for a month of "July t

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I'm Reshuffling the deck and planning for a month of "July to fly."
It's going to be a month of good days... no matter what.

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Jul 22

@jennipain Hi! So glad to see you back! Thank you so much. I'm sure you had a great vacation. I will love to see your post about it!
Sometimes it's so busy on here, I can't read everything. I'm trying to catch up. Lol

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Jul 25

@jennipain @ducktape @369 @mechele
Started my community service.

I am just feeling really really grateful to be sober right now. I am so proud of myself. I'm relieved to have this burden off of me. I don't have to drink alcohol. I don't have to be hungover. I don't have to give my power away to Alcohol. It feels so **** good to win this battle.

I'm winning because I've made the Decision!

★No More Alcohol in my body.★

I'm taking my power back and I'm keeping it.

I know in the pit of my soul ... As long as I keep alcohol out of my body... I can do anything.

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Jul 30

Hi. Checking in. Last post here. I committed to only focusing on the positives for this month. And there were so many. I'm grateful and celebrating the end of the month with a day off from everything. Tomorrow is my twins one-year birthday. Luke and Lilly.

Luke and Lilly have 100% been the best blessing in my life since.... I can't even think of.

They fill my heart with so much love. They fill that empty hole I had inside of me. They make me so happy. I am beyond grateful for them. I believe that these dogs make me so happy because I waited for the right ones. When the time was right .. they just came into my life in such a perfect way. They are a perfect fit for me. And I'm so grateful for them every single day. I love them with all of my heart. Yay!

Peace and love to you all! :))


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