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I'm new to SG. I have a history of binge eating and emotion

I'm new to SG. I have a history of binge eating and emotional eating. I've been doing Keto for 3 months and have lost some weight but still have a ton more to lose. My weight loss has really slowed and I'm finding it harder to stay on track. Tonight I was feeling really stressed and I ate a lot of chocolate chips, now I feel worse. Why do I let myself go into this "I don't care mode"? It's almost like being in a trance while I'm eating the wrong stuff, but then I snap back into reality and feel like crap. I'm tempted to purge.

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Jul 10

It's okay for it to come to mind but ultimately trying your best to cope and fight that feeling will be so worth it! Purging hurts you more in the longrun. I have faith in you!

Jul 10

@JMM485 Thank you!

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Jul 11



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