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I was doing so good today. I had a healthy breakfast. I didn


I was doing so good today. I had a healthy breakfast. I didn't feel hungry until after 1. I only ate half my lunch. As soon as I got home, I HAD to eat the rest of my lunch. I tried staying in my room but I physically couldn't. It was like someone was pushing me out of my room. I went into the kitchen and quickly ate the rest . Then I had chips and salsa. I made cookies last night and hid them in the back of the fridge. I also ate those, all but 3 of them. This was all in a matter of 7 minutes.
I just want to eat like a normal person. Weekends are the worst since I just sit at home all day and it's well below zero outside, so going out doesn't sound appealing. I've been doing better, but I find myself NEEDING to eat, even if I'm not hungry. It's out of boredom and for the comfort. What are your tips to help get control? Because I am not sure how much of this I can take.

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Feb 10

you see the triggers. boredom and control. so...find other ways to satisfy tbose

Feb 27

Well, I often lose control too. If I bake cookies, I will eat all of the cookies. If I buy a pizza, I eat the whole pizza. Last night, I ate the whole pizza I bought. I ate it fast too! Almost like I was eating fast because I wanted to have all it, even though nobody was at home to take my pizza. Anyway, obviously I try to avoid buying any foods that I will binge on. That is a struggle in itself. It takes control just to not buy the stuff at the store. Then, when I get that thought in my mind that I HAVE to go buy a couple of cookies or something somewhere, it is usually when I am feeling down at that time. Yesterday, I felt guilty for not going to my workout class, so I ordered pizza and ate the whole thing. I guess I need to be less hard on myself for things. The guilt I had for missing a workout class was crazy. It also evoked feelings of low self worth. I need to take it day by day, minute by minute. I am always worried and I want to be a certain way NOW, but I need to understand that it takes time and that is where taking it minute by minute comes in.

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Mar 1

First of all. Forgive yourself. Try not to think when you ate what you think your supposed to as "doing good" or when you don't as "doing bad". You are human and you need to eat. Try to reframe your thoughts about food. Not as good or bad but as either feeding yourself well/nourishing food or toxic foods. Realize that we all have craving and urges. Some impulses are stronger for some than others especially if you have been doing for a long time. Maybe next time take a moment to pray. Pray for inner peace and take some really deep breaths and hold your breath to get some really refreshing oxygen in your system. After that take an inventory... ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if it is just a "craving or impulse". Ask yourself if your body needs it or is you just want it or if you need to fulfill that impulse. If it is an impulsive feeling.... maybe try to do something... go for a walk, maybe exercise a little bit but not excessively. Maybe a little yoga stretch that has some meditation. Think about what you are thinking when those compulsions come.... is it an emotional thought? Or is it really a valid hunger. Its definilty a process to gain control over it all. But you CAN do it. Also, if you do binge don't beat yourself up... recognize how it makes you feel. And feel those feelings. And then next time, remember those feelings and how you do not want to feel like that. Each victory matters. And try not to make a "big deal" about it in your mind win or loss because the more we focus on it the bigger and harder it is to fight... if you know what I mean. When we don't focus on it and give it alot of attention, it loosens its hold on you. Praying for you.

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