I just had to get my photo taken for work.. I'm humiliated a

I just had to get my photo taken for work.. I'm humiliated at how much weight I've gained and don't even want to turn the picture in. Ugh I hate this!

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Apr 23

I just watched it! Very interesting and insightful. She is definitely right about shame, fear, and vulnerability. I need to accept who am I and realize that I am enough and I am worth it and all those things. Once I accept that, I will be able to enjoy life much more and get over this mountain!

Apr 24

@Kaygirl Great! You might write what you've just communicated up on a note pad, place your note in areas where you frequently make contact and make it a point to read your statement at least twice daily. For instance, if you take medication, place your message near those meds. Perhaps place one of your statements near where you brush your teeth, etc. By reading your thoughts twice daily, it will help you to focus on your important thought. Good luck!

Apr 26

That's really good advice! I'm going to try it. :) thank you!!


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