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I have been fighting with this for almost 1 year and 6 month

I have been fighting with this for almost 1 year and 6 months . Since when food became a priority in my life? I am not overweight and I workout daily . I have been in the binge and out the binge for a while now. Telling myself I will stop but for some reason ... I can never seem to stop.

Apr 17

I feel the same. I am at war with myself and I have lost all control.

Apr 18

I have a very strict regimen about how much food I intake every day and when. For example for most nights with dinner I'll have two baked chicken thighs with two slices of swiss cheese. I never have three thighs. I never have three slices of cheese, etc. I set limits and try to follow them to the letter. For me I want food to be about fuel and not about pleasure. I do enjoy the foods I eat, but I only try to eat for fuel and only at particular times of the day with amounts I've already agreed to in my mind. When food is not a consideration except for fuel, it allows me to focus energy elsewhere. It's hard to commit to this kind of routine but once you do it can really help change your lifestyle and how you think about food.

Apr 18

It's truly a physical and psychological addiction -- your body wants the satisfaction of eating, but your brain wants to be in control of how you look and feel. So we eat and eat, then feel terrible and hate ourselves for not stopping. It is hard to break the habit when you start.

For me, the first step I take to fight my way out of the cycle is to succeed at one thing -- just one time during the day, divert myself from eating more than I should. I say no in small doses, and find a way to distract myself from the denial of food.


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