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I eat 2 package of short bread cookie that had 6 in each pac

I eat 2 package of short bread cookie that had 6 in each pack today And I was not hungry it is said it's not what you eating but what's eating you at the time I ate that I was very tired working two jobs with very little rest so I began to eat the cookies at my job maybe because I wanted to be somewhere else since I started a new job I miss Sunday services still going to the gym exercising everyday people are saying they see a change but I'm still looking at the fat girl in the mirror also went to a picnic this weekend i8 protein in fruits and vegetables so that was good portion size didn't have any cake or cookies or ice cream so I think I did good in that

Apr 17

It gets easier just after you think it will break you. I have always been a big girl and hate love relationship with food has been horrible. Keep you chin up your beauty is on the inside that's where it counts!!!

Apr 17

Thank you I always get you have a beautiful face are you beautiful I'm humble I just take it and say thank you I'm not buying it all I'm big with the shape more like hourglass so I track a lot of men late is Ben young men in their forties I'm working on me so I don't look to be validated by anyone but it feels good to know that people are attracted to you I just need to control my eating went to the gym today personal trainer kick butt but I hung in there and challenge myself so I'm challenging myself eating habits also again thank you


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