I binge eat since 9 months by now......it's awful i gained 1

I binge eat since 9 months by now......it's awful i gained 10 kg and i'm an acress...it so stressful. I've been here before when I was younger but i simply cant remember how i stopped.

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Apr 20, 2017

Hugs and welcome!

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Apr 22, 2017

Hi @Lauraanda , I hope you are fine now. You know, a nutritionist told me that, even if I will cure from binge eating or anything else, I will always have that kind of "relationship" with food. I don't know how to explain that, but she told me that in my future I will always have something with food. From now, I'm a bit stressed about it because I also do some 'crisis'. Because my "relationship" with food is unnatural. And moreover: I am not respectful towards my own body. I know it could be silly to do that, but think that your body is 'another person'. Your body is like a sibling. It is part of your, and we need to respect it. I don't want at all to sound harsh or something, I know my words aren't the best way: but since I have binge eating disorder I deeply think that binge eating is, in our mind, the only way to fill an emptiness. Well, hopefully, it is not the only way of course. I'm sure you have plenty of talent and friends. So, the best way when you feel it's coming: call someone you like, go for a walk. Don't let the panic overwhelmed you. And please, even if you binge: don't be rude with yourself. It's okay, it is only a moment in your life where you will become much stronger and wiser. I hope you'll feel better. Have a nice day !

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