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I am so lost. I'm just getting started on binge eating recov

I am so lost. I'm just getting started on binge eating recovery and I keep making mistakes. I'm trying to be positive, but I was abstinent for a month and then I went and messed it up. I'm so frustrated with myself. I know I'm being too hard on myself but now that I've broken my abstinence I just want to give up.

May 15

Please don't give up! Recovery is not at all a liner process. You will most likely make the same mistake again (just like all of us) but that shouldn't discourage you. You will get much better results if you just keep calm and realize that it will take time. Good luck!

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May 15

I've been there too. I joined Food Addicts Anonymous and quit sugar, flour, and wheat for 1 month before I crashed and burned. Don't be hard on yourself, this is the pattern we all deal with. Anything you do, is good. Don't worry about loosing weight, or being perfect. It's all good, honestly! Keep it up!


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