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I am a college student - everyone thinks I'm so well put tog

I am a college student - everyone thinks I'm so well put together and that i'm the ideal girl for a lot of guys, and girls as well. However, only my face and legs/arms are skinny/"fit". I have been unknowingly binge eating for a long time. Recently, I realized there was something wrong with me, and now i cant stop, since it's stuck in all in my head thoughts that I have an issue and that snacking is literally needed for me. now im gaining a looot of weight and my stomach is bulging out and i feel so embarassed. I voiced it out a few times to my friends and everyone always agrees that they snack too, but I know they don't think about food 24/7 like I do, and it's mostly when I'm alone. I binge snack when I'm stressed/need to do something like studying or when i think about not having someone to text consistently. I need self control but have no one to turn to since everyone else looks up at me. I need help, my stomach hurts at the end of each day and I cant break this vicious cycle

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Sep 23

I can really relate to that. I also have this version of myself I show to family/friends/etc. where I‘m super on top of life and doing pretty well, even when I‘m not really. It‘s mainly due to pride, and tbh that’s not useful when you are trying to get help. My advice would be to find one person you really trust and tell them the honest truth about the bingeing. If they get it thats great, then you have someone to vent to. If not, i’d advise to go see a counselor or therapist. Many people don’t understand that BED is an ed just like the others, not just “snacking”. If you find you’re “just” emotional eating, try to find other outlets. I can really recommend yoga, it’s very grounding and relaxing.
Haha okay that’s my 2 cents from a fellow uni student. wish u all the best!

Sep 24

thank you so much! this has been an extremely kind forum. hoping to see healthier posts from all (:

Oct 9

I was in college several years ago and my bingeing absolutely peaked at that point. I had done it in highschool, but not like I did in college. I went NUTS with it. I ate everything in sight, snacking, candy, pizza, doughnuts - everything you can think of. I used it to dispell discomfort, I used it to feel better and to feel more comfortable living in such a strange and new environment. It was such a mind eff to be in a new place, with new people, without my parents and usual surroundings. Some of us deal with these things with food. Some with alcohol. Do you like drinking? I never did. other kids were out binge drinking and trying drugs and all I did was binge eat because that's what scratched my itch. I too realized that not everyone thought about food 24/7 like I did. Not everyone fantasized about getting to be alone with their junk food. It's extremely hard to deal with all of that, I know. I'm so sorry you're going through it. It's a lifelong problem to face and therapy helps but you will ahve ups and downs. I went to therapy in our guidance office, which was free. Can you try that?

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