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How did your day go yesterday, (Tuesday.) This chain is dedi


How did your day go yesterday, (Tuesday.) This chain is dedicated to making your accountability/support statement to the entire group. Maintaining a habit of daily habit of facing accountability has been shown to help many to more effectively maintain their healthy goals:

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Oct 11

I had a good Tuesday even though I get the urge to binge I have prepared meals and snacks. The change of plans almost threw ruined my day I normally eat when I get to work however I didn’t go to the office first thing but rather a job site and on my way back I was so hungry and had the urge to get some drive thru I was able to get it under control and have my planned meals.

Oct 12

@Jr2249 What a trial for you. Congratulations for making the healthier choice.

Monica56's picture
Oct 13

Tuesday was good until the evening. Then at night I ate totally unplanned. I also ate a piece of cake and a can of biscuits. It was a binge episode. I would mark me with 45%.


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