Second blog of 2019 IS OUT!!!!! "Facing reality after the holiday season"
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How did your day go yesterday, (FRIDAY). This chain is dedic


How did your day go yesterday, (FRIDAY). This chain is dedicated to making your accountability/support statement to the entire group. Maintaining a habit of daily habit of facing accountability has been shown to help many to more effectively maintain their healthy goals:

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Jan 12, 2018

@Monica56 So happy for you. I too feel stronger although I still have minor slips. How have you been doing since this post?

Jan 12, 2018

Really well done!!! Keep going!

Monica56's picture
Jan 13, 2018

@certifiedangus thank you for asking!
I am going well, I feel like being back on track! I was out of town that is why I didn't check in!


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