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Hi people! It's been a while since I'm not active here and

Hi people!
It's been a while since I'm not active here and I sincerely thought I wouldn't write more in this group (because I was hoping I don't need it anymore) but I'm back here!
Many things have changed, some for the worse and others for the better .. the only thing left is my stupid binge for not think about stress and all that scare me.
I took a step forward: I told people dear to me what caused me stress, but they don't know about my binge and my discomfort with my body.. I hate that my clothes are closer to me, I hate when I don't feeling good with my body and I hate feeling alone. I want to rediscover the welfare and balance I had in a past.
I seem to have taken a step forward and two steps back..
sorry if today I'm so sad, but I needed to wreak a little with someone who understands me.

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Feb 10

why do you apologize for feeling like you do? and why do you think you took any steps back? seeing more about what this is doing to you is not taking steps back, but more steps forward. I honestly think you are in a better place than you think. you understand your triggers. you are being open about them.

Feb 11

i'm fell like this because i lost my motivation, I lost the desire to put myself 100% .. now I think I give 40-50%. I know I can give more, I've seen it in the past, but my head tells me and makes me do different things.
I just want to get out of this tunnel.. when will it happen?
Also I'm in a moment where I don't know who I am anymore and the things I wanted in the past I don't know if they are the same as now.. so lately the binge and let me go (even with the sport) are the only things I can do.. I don't know what to do anymore..


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