Hi Everyone. I stumbled across this website earlier today

Hi Everyone.
I stumbled across this website earlier today & thought I could include it in my recovery from binge eating disorder.
I have been bingeing for approx the past 7 years, I have tried countless times to recover but it just pulls me back in when life gets tough or overwhelming.. bingeing turns into a comfort blanket of sorts until I wake up the next day full of shame & self hatred. I am lucky in a sense my weight during this time has only fluctuated by roughly 7lbs..mainly due to over exercising which I have had to stop & with approaching my late thirties I worry the bingeing will begin to show.
I am torn between 2 approaches to recovery...structured eating or intuitive eating, any suggestions would be really appreciated.
I have already binged today so hoping tomorrow can be day 1 'b' free xxx

May 18

Welcome to our group. You'll read many great ideas while getting needed support here. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

May 19

Welcome! I just joined myself and today it has really helped me when I was on the verge of giving in to my head telling me I needed to binge! Great to see the reinforcement that no, I don't need to stuff myself full of chocolate!!

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May 19

Thank you for the welcome certifiedangus x
Wishing you the best of luck on this new leg of your journey Julesfan. I'm hoping it will help me too...I plan to try to keep a daily log/tally of my eating & fingers crossed binge free days xx


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