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Hi everyone. I don't binge eat but i really could do with th


Hi everyone. I don't binge eat but i really could do with the support as i am trying to lose weight and also sort out my sleep and do many thing all at the same time and I am feeling overwhelmed! Pluss trying to do more walking and to be fair thought i was doing okay but i really enjoy high calorie foods such as chocolate etc. I do need to hear from you lovely people who lost weight in a healthy way. Since i am trying to sort my sleep i am tired and down and then obviously reach for caffeine chocolate. **** it;s so hard!!!!!!!!!! Any tips, suggestions? Need to lose this weight just to feel better and get back in my old clothes that I had! x

Sep 15

I am sort of desperate, i just don't want to in ten years get unhealthy. Many people my age seem to be gettign ill. Help!!!!!! Thank you x

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Sep 15

@Hi1 go to the weight loss forum.


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